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Steve Jackson Games: Illuminati Card Game 1982
Monday, February 03, 2014 | Subject: Steve Jackson Games | Category: Orgs

The Illuminati Card Game is a playing card game by Steve Jackson Games. The object of the game is to control the world via competing secret societies by sinister means - sort of like an evil Monopoly.

The interesting part is that the game contains cards depicting a terrorist attracts on the Twin Towers and Pentagon eerily reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks.

More intriguing is the game was published in 1982, almost twenty years prior. Also in Illuminati Puppet fashion the "Media Blitz" card shows as we are seeing now, a media blitz of Illuminati Propaganda (see above).

Here are some more very eerily predictive cards:

Black President

Coming Soon.... Gun Legislation, Race War & Martial Law

By hey, all this could be coincidence. We are just simply crazy conspiracy theorists, right?

To go a little deeper visit our sister site: Evil-Exposed.Org

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