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Bobby Shmurda: The Sad Story of Another Industry Puppet
Illuminati Puppet

Saturday, September 24, 2016 | Subject: Bobby Shmurda | Category: Music | Author: Editor

Rapper Bobby Shmurda had a hit record that reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014. The song was called "Hot Nigga" and in it he bragged about being a thug, guns and drugs. All the [...]

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Illuminati Puppet Population Control: How and Why The Global Elite are MURDERING US
Subject: Population Control | Category: articles | Author: Editor
One of the main agendas of the New World Order is Pop [...]
Illuminati Puppet Police Departments: The Illuminati Enforcement Division
Subject: Police Departments | Category: articles | Author: Editor
The Illuminati is all encompassing and extremely organized. It permeates and has infiltrated every control portion of society and police are no exception.& [...]
Illuminati Puppet Lil Wayne: Says Racism Does Not Exist Like a Real Puppet Should
Subject: Lil Wayne | Category: Music | Author: Editor
Rapper Lil Wayne is one of the more notorious Illuminati Puppets as has been for years. One of the duties of of being a puppet is being a backer of the status q [...]
Illuminati Puppet Jessie Jackson The Freemason: How Can You be Christian Preacher and a Satanist?
Subject: Jessie Jackson The Freemason | Category: Religion | Author: Editor
Politician, Baptist Minister Jessie Jackson is a Freemason - a Master Mason at that. That is kind of like being a member of Black Lives Matter and KKK at t [...]
Illuminati Puppet Netflix Series Stranger Things: Not That Strange at All
Subject: Netflix Series Stranger Things | Category: TVMovie | Author: Editor
The popular Netfilx series Stranger Things is a story of a government experimental child named Eleven with super human abilities. She is able to read minds, mov [...]
Illuminati Puppet CERN: Mock Sacrifice to The GOD Shiva Caught on Camera
Subject: CERN | Category: Orgs | Author: Editor
CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research has long been in conspiracy news for its stated and speculated goals has recently added more fuel to the c [...]
Illuminati Puppet Tyler Perry: A Modern Day Steppin Fetchit and The Agenda Behind It
Subject: Tyler Perry | Category: TVMovie | Author: Editor
Actor / Director Tyler Perry has garnered worldwide fame and fortune primarily for his Madea character - Himself dressing and acting like a woman. Although many [...]
Illuminati Puppet Baton Rouge Cop Killer Gavin Long: Final Youtube Post Explains Mindset
Subject: Baton Rouge Cop Killer Gavin Long | Category: articles | Author: Editor
Gavin Long the Louisiana shooter whom ambushed and killed 3 police officers had a YouTube page under the pseudonym Cosmo Setepenra.

In his final pos [...]
Illuminati Puppet Pokemon GO: Illuminati Exposed
Subject: Pokemon GO | Category: articles | Author: Editor
Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game that uses your phones GPS. It has become a worldwide sensation (that should tip you off right there).

The game re [...]
Illuminati Puppet Joseline Hernandez: Says Stevie J is a Devil Worshiper
Subject: Joseline Hernandez | Category: TVMovie | Author: Editor
Joseline Hernandez of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta claims her former bf/husband Stevie J. is a child molesting Satan worshiper.

Upset because he is denyi [...]

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